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PostSubject: Rosalie Hale   Rosalie Hale Icon_minitimeFri Sep 14, 2007 7:30 pm

Character Name: Rosalie Lillian Hale

Why you want the character: I would like to be Rosalie because she is an awesome character. She is honest and open about her feelings (her dislike of Bella). I want to be her because that is how I like to think of myself. I hate hiding things and if I don't like someone I would not hide it (just so you know it's rare that I dislike someone).

What you like about the character: Like I said, I like how Rosalie never hides the fact that she is upset with Edward because he got involved with Bella. Also, I love how Rosalie brings herself to tell Bella her story. I also feel that Rosalie's reasons for not wanting Bella in the family are noble and not at all a personal grudge against our favorite human.

Appearance: Tall and thin, like a model. Her long blonde hair cascades down to her mid back and curls under at the tips. Her light butterscotch eyes are always shining with whatever emotion she is feeling. After a day in the garage with the cars, she may be covered in grease and oil but her beauty is still radiant.

Personality: She never hides what she feels, she believes it is best to be open because Jasper will know the emotions and Edward would read her mind so why bother hiding them. She takes immense enjoyment in working in the garage on the cars. Her greatest achievement is being able to take apart and put together a carburetor in under a minute (when blindfolded). Whenever she gets mad or sad, a hug from her Emmy bear makes her feel better.

Hobbies: Working in the garage on cars, of course. She also harbors a passion for fashion and shopping (though not nearly to Alice's degree).

RP Example: (At least two paragraphs please) Rosalie walked down the stairs to see Edward speaking with Carlisle and Esme. She knew what it was about. He was bringing HER, the human, over to the house this afternoon. Edward thought that bringing his pet home was a grand idea. Well Rosalie thought otherwise. Her thoughts abruptly stopped when she realized Edward was talking to her.

She held up her hand and Edward paused in his speech. "I don't care what you have to say Edward. I don't want your human here in our house or in our lives." Edwards face became furious. Rosalie decided that since she had already come this far she might as well deliver the coup de gras. "You should have killed her when you had the chance." Before Edward could unleash his fury, Rosalie turned and exited the house, walking out to her baby, her M3. When the garage door was safely shut behind her she delicately ran her hands over the smooth, glossy red paint. "Did Baby miss her Mama?" She asked laying her cold marble cheek against the equally cold hood.

History: (At least two paragraphs please) Rosalie was born the year of 1915 into a middle class working family. Throughout her life she was always praised for her beauty, the exquisite beauty that made her stand out from the rest. Her father was a banker and her mother kept the house as well as Rosalie and her two brothers in order. Whenever she would walk down the street, men would stare and women would look on in jealousy. She may have been 'silly and shallow' but sher was content with her lot in life.
She met Royce King the Second when she was 18. He fell in 'love' with her and before they had known each other two months they were engaged to be married. One night while walking home from visiting a friend, Rosalie came across Royce and his buddies in a dark alley. They attacked her, the details too horrific to mention, eventually leaving her for dead.
A local doctor, Carlisle Cullen found her and brought her to his home where he then changed her into a vampire. She had been meant to be a mate for Edward but the spark just was not there. When she was completely finished with the change, Rosalie went back and killed the men who had tortured her that night, saving Royce for last.
Years later Rosalie was out hunting when she came across a man being mauled by a bear. This man reminded her of her friend's son so much that she could not bare to let him die. Picking him up in her arms, she ran him hundreds of miles back to Carlisle so he could be changed, be saved. They fell in love and have been married many times since.

Will you keep up with this character?: yes. I will be on daily if not multiple times daily. I am usually on the computer all afternoon and into the late hours, when I don't have loads of homework that is
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Rosalie Hale
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