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 Lilian Charlotte Ferrars

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Lilian Charlotte Ferrars
Lilian Charlotte Ferrars

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Full Name: Lilian Charlotte Ferrars

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth: 1952

Date of change to vampire: a couple days after her 18th birthday

Originally from: a small town in England

Hair color: chocolate brown

Eye color: brown (not the usual vampire gold)

Height: 5'5"

Physical description: her hair is cut short and barely brushes her shoulders, skinny, dancers figure

Personality traits: Loves people, is social, caring, and dances randomly

Occupation: ballet dancer, dance teacher

Family members: none, all dead

Source of change: sympathetic vampire

Hobbies: dancing, reading, writing

Personal history: Born in the 1950s in England. Mother died in childbirth and father ran away to America, Lilian was left in the care of an elderly aunt. When Lilian was 8, the aunt died.

Lilian then went to an orphanage in a small english town. She enjoyed taking walks around the grounds. On the night before her 18th birthday, when she was to leave the orphanage, she went on a walk in the woods and got lost. She wandered around for days. She finally stumbled upon a settlement of sympathetic vampires, who changed her and saved her from starvation. She studied to become a ballerina in Paris, France and has been in several broadway productions over the decades. She took on the vegetarian diet in order to study her dance and be around humans without feeling guilty.
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Lilian Charlotte Ferrars
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