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Character Name: Carlisle Cullen

Why you want the character: The two main reasons why I want to play Carlisle is firstly, he is a huge mystery in the series. For that matter he is as much a mystery to the readers as he is to most of the other characters in the books. The second reason for my character choice is that I have never seen a Carlisle played well and thought it might be fun.

What you like about the character: Carlisle is a vampire and yet he acts so much like a mortal man. That's fascinating. The best of all is that he is a doctor. He saves mortal lives every day, and even though he encounters a vampires greatest temptation every day, he manages to stay true to his agreement with the La Push inhabitants. It's almost as if he is repenting. I like that.

Appearance: Carlisle is tall and blonde. He is of medium to thin build and looks to be no older than 22 years old. Some people find it hard to believe that he is old enough to be a doctor.

Personality: Carlisle is quiet and patient, perhaps more so than any of his other family members besides Esme, who outshines him in the patience department. Carlisle is very interested in the habits and going-ons of his "family." He cares deeply for all of his vampire family and though his love is rarely challenged, he can be very protective of them.

Hobbies: Although Carlisle works in a hospital as a doctor he enjoys reading and writing. In addition he loves to travel but must take some care in doing so. He takes joy in studying ancient maps of the world, maps of his own time. He also enjoys painting and playing music.

RP Example (two paragraphs minimum): Carlisle stood at the reception desk of the hospital where he worked as their main doctor and surgeon. He checked a few of the patient histories and caught the eye of one of the nearby nurses. She glanced quickly away and he smiled. He thought to himself, “And even though I’m married and they all know it, I still get glances.” He smiled to himself and tapped the woman on the shoulder. She spun quickly around to stare up at him in glorified admiration. “Would you please add some fluids to the patient in room 451? She still seems to be dehydrated.” The nurse stood immediately and nodded, then walked away. The patient had come in exhausted and complaining of headaches. Carlisle knew immediately that she had been having trouble sleeping, and had been very stressed out at work. He followed the nurse in and glanced at the woman in the bed.
“How are you feeling now? Much better, I see?” The woman nodded once to his inquiry, though she was knotting the bed covers in her hands. She seemed nervous now, and he gently moved the blankets away from her hands. She smiled up at him knowingly, almost a little guiltily. “No more of that. We will get you rested up and then get you home. Do not push yourself too hard. Life’s too short for you to be worrying so much.” The patient grinned and he watched as the nurse administered the saline solution into her IV. “Now, get some rest,” he said. She nodded and he exited the room.
It was towards the tail end of his shift, and he was going to be going home soon. It was late night now, and it would be safe for him to go out into the darkness. The sun had been making its appearance every now and then, just pushing through the clouds that kept his appearance in the daytime unnoticeable. Should sunlight hit his perfect skin, he would start to glimmer and shine the way their skin always did in the sunshine. He was glad it was now gone, and that he could safely walk about. He went back to the reception desk and greeted the doctor that was coming on to the graveyard shift. Carlisle wasn’t tired, but couldn’t simply go on working for an entire day straight without looking exhausted, as he knew he should’ve looked at that time.
Carlisle took one more round of the hospital and walked out of the automatic sliding doors, which opened when he walked through them. He unlocked the doors of his black Mercedes and drove towards his home, where the others would be. He had become worried about Bella lately, and about Edward. Without being told, he knew Bella was frightened, and without saying anything, he knew Edward knew she was terrified. But how could she not be? They could only wait to see what her choice would be.

History (two paragraphs minimum:
Carlisle is also known as Stregoni Benefici and was the son of an Anglican pastor. In doing as his father wished, he had led many witch and vampire hunts to rid the world of evil, but really he was just killing many innocent people. While leading a fight against some vampires in London he was bitten and left for dead. He did not die however, he hid himself away until his transformation had taken place. He didn't return home, for he knew his father would never accept him. He was horrified by what he had become and had tried various ways of ending his life. he had been unsuccessful and soon found out that he could live off the blood of animals, which he greatly found to be of help.
Carlisle is the vampire that made Edward into a vampire during the influenza epidemic. Soon after he changed Esme, after a failed suicide attempt. He also turned Rosalie after her fiancee and friends hurt her. Soon he moved his family to Forks, Washington, where they decided to live.

Will you stay active? For those who know me already, you know I will stay active. More active than most, actually.
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