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 Calista Nicole Raynes

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Character Name: Calista Nic♥le Raynes
Portrayed By (celebrity who most resembles your character): Natalia Vodianova
Appearance: A Russian beauty, Calista is tall and thin, with naturally wavy dark blonde hair.
Character's History (two paragraph minimum):
Calista was born in November of 1824 into a family of poverty. She helped out at her mother's fruit stand after her father's death in 1831, and helped to raise her two younger brothers and little sister. Her older brother, Kolya, was married with a son of his own.
In late 1840, her mother died of pneumonia, and Kolya and his wife took the children in. Tired of living with Kolya and his ever-complaining wife, Calista set off in search of a life of her own. She soon found a job working for an Italian seamstress, sewing late into the night and modeling her work.
In 1841 the seamstress returned to Italy, leaving Calista without a job or a way of life. She tried to find work, but there was not much a 16 year old female could do in those days.
One day, a darkly handsome man found her shivering under a bridge and took her for food. He brought her to an empty apartment, leaving her with food, clothing, and a maid who apparently knew nothing about her mysterious master. The young man, Maxim, came back many times, always later in the day, and they began to learn more about each other. Calista soon realized that she had fallen in love, and thought that Maxim loved her too, but when she told him, he told her that it would never work between them. Despite her tears and protests, he stormed out into the night, leaving Calista an emotional wreck. When he didn't come back the next day, Calista was so overcome with sadness that she willed her life away and flung herself from the widow's walk.
Maxim was instantly by her side, calling out her name. She couldn't even feel his teeth pierce her broken neck, but she felt the fire spread through her aching body.
Hobbies: Modeling, dancing, singing, and reading.
Personality: Calista is a compassionate person, who, when she loves, loves with her whole heart.
Will you stay active? Most Likely.... =)
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Calista Nicole Raynes
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